Bursting with ideas and on the verge of bringing her fresh twist on island pop to a global audience, the brightest new star on the block is undoubtedly Blvckhaze — aka Curaçao-born singer, songwriter and multilingual multi-instrumentalist Meghan Thijn.


The attitude and energy of Blvckhaze’s predestined summer smash Swa is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s an irresistible fresh take on dancehall whose name is taken from a Papiamento phrase that roughly translates as “boy, please”. It’s an epic curtain-raiser for a slew of music that effortlessly balances Meghan’s global ambition with her desire to stay true to her Curaçaoan roots.


"I want the world to hear my music,” she says, “but more than that I want to show other people from the island, or even people who just feel like they’re growing up on an island, that they can make it too. I want to inspire people the way Rihanna once inspired me.”

Instagram: @Blvckhazeofficial

Twitter: @Blvckhaze

Facebook: @Blvckhaze

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