In 2019 it would be fairly easy to argue that an artist’s actual creativity is valued secondary to their persona and public image. Long gone are the days where an artist could work comfortably and quietly from behind a veil of anonymity, allowing the music to communicate everything the public may or may not need to know about an artist.

Amongst the endless social media outpourings and spontaneous live video streams it's easy to forget that some people even make music between all the sponsored posts and by that token, it’s probably a fair statement to say Terrane is something of an anomaly in the current climate. 
Terrane’s work has, against contemporary logic, been rapidly gaining traction for its beautiful fusing of dreamlike cinematics and raw emotion, whilst delicately walking the tightrope between organic and electronic composition.

Terrane’s music has at once the urgency of raw emotions caught in the moment and the distorted memory of stories and connections made, lost and only half remembered in a haze of static and dial-up era discord. 
In an age where most creatives are desperate to tell you all of their story, all the time, across a hundred different platforms Terrane’s new album Underwater is content to deliver his narrative in one clear, single transmission.

Instagram: @terranemusic

Twitter: @terranemusic

Facebook: @terranemusic

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